»»Heaven hear my call, »they broke the code,left me cold,»in a pool of my own blood, »»Heaven hear my cry, »i strive in fright, »for death seem to pry,»»Heaven hear my plea,»even when am on my knees, »they’d still shoot me though i said please, »»Heaven hear my song, »they can ask Mrs Wong, »I’ve done no wrong,»»Heaven hear my chant,»i need a better chance,»in the rain i wish i could dance,»»Heaven hear my cry, »CRY OF THE OPPRESSED…… »»

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sm_shafii» (42)©2017

Cry of the oppressed


»I would say you are a work of multi-million dollars sculpture,
»But then no sculptor can carve your tender heart, so sculpture “wouldn’t do”
»I’d say you are a painting,but no amount purple can explain the royalty in you, so painting “wouldn’t do”
»I’d say you are a poem, but again a poem has too many flaws,no poem can tell your flawless catwalks,
»so poem “wouldn’t do”
»I’d say you are a music, but then no lyrics, no amount of falsetto,no nightingale can sing about your eyes,
»so music “wouldn’t do”
»I’d say you are a flame,but then no amount of wild fire can show the harmless danger in you,
»So flame “wouldn’t do”
»I’d say you are a dove, but then no dove have your kinda patience,no dove brings your type of peace,
»So dove “wouldn’t do”
»I’d say you are a human,again,a big but, no human can be like you,
»So human wouldn’t do??
» Sm_shafii (22)©2017

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 »»You will get old,

»you shoulder will become cold,

»still her love for you won’t get odd,

»she’d treat you like gold,

»a woman’s love is evergreen,

»in your twenties you were are other half,

»in your eighties she’d cherish you like her only calf,

»in her heart your name she’d carve,

»forever giving you reasons to laugh,

»a woman’s heart is evergreen,

»so when her breasts begins to sag,

»and her eyes looks always sad,

»lips go all pale,

»and her beauty fades,

»show her that it’s not just for beauty,

»for a true man’s love should be evergreen…….

» sm_shafii

‘ (62)©2017


»In me, there’s a dark hollow,
»i can feel it down to my bone marrow,
»and if i should exercise it tomorrow,
»don’t let me swim in it it’s sorrow,
»don’t look at me with horror,
»but give me hopes and shoulder to borrow…..
»In you there’s a dark hollow,
»you can see it like a shadow,
»and if you should exercise it today, not tomorrow,
»i won’t run and fly off like a sparrow,
»i won’t let you fight it solo,
»but i will be your halo….

» sm_shafii
» (61)©2017